Running Fred

unnamedRunning Fred is a game for those who enjoy playing running games, where the main character has to run as fast as he can to survive. In fact, the Running Fred is the most popular running game today, which is available on all platforms including Android, IOS and of course PC.  At our website you can play the online version of the game for free. Running Fred is a game about a small boy – FRED who is trying to escape from a dangerous castle full of obstacles. The death is chasing him and if he stops for a moment – he will be dead.The game is very colorful and has awesome gameplay.



GrimmyThe main actions that can make our character are jumping and sliding under the obstacles. There is another thing that you have to keep in mind during playing Running Fred – the coins. You will notice the silver and golden coins during the game – try to collect them all. Using those coins, you can buy special upgrades as soon as you complete the round. For example you can buy extra life or you can even unlock the double jump to jump higher.

The game is becoming more and more difficult as you progress in the game. The number and type of obstacles is also growing bigger from level to level. In fact, Running Fred is the game where your reaction skills are gonna be tested. Only good reaction skills will allow you not to hit the wall, fall down or be killed by a deadly weapon. The full version of the Running Fred game is always here at waiting for you to run as fast as you can. So, what are you waiting for, have some fun.

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